Attractive Mandate Prices

Mandates prices are high and the prices don’t justify them!

“We only work with a headhunter or recruitment consultant as much as necessary as the costs are far too high.” Do these frequently mentioned comments sound familiar?

I handle things differently at MESSMER JobRelations. The mandate prices are designed in such a way that they do not exceed your budget but still cover my costs. My mandate prices are more than competitive, they are cost effective!

My mandate prices are not dependent on the income of the new employee as a percentage, since I don’t see any connection here that certainly justifies it.

For example, a mandate for a strategic buyer, a software developer, a DevOps engineer, an accountant or for many comparable positions could simply amount to a flat rate of CHF 15,000.

How are these mandate prices possible? As an owner of a small business I work efficiently and cost-effectively and even better: I always advise and support you personally. You receive a service from a single source. Thanks to my many years of professional experience, my qualifications and my extensive knowledge of the labor market in Switzerland (see more here or here) you get my full attention!

Contact me today so that I can make you an individual offer.

attractive mandate prices
mandate prices