Attractive mandate prices

Mandate fees are high and the prices are not justified!

“We only work with a headhunter or recruitment consultant as much as necessary because the costs are far too high.” Do these frequently cited comments sound familiar to you?

At MESSMER JobRelations we break with this tradition. Here we understand that excellent recruitment services do not have to be unaffordable. Our mandate prices are not only competitive – they are well thought out and transparent to offer you the highest quality at affordable conditions.

Fair pricing without hidden costs: My mandate prices are not dependent on the new employee’s income as a percentage. I don’t see any direct connection that justifies high percentages. Instead, I offer simple, flat rates, such as CHF 15,000 for positions such as a strategic buyer, software developer, DevOps engineer or accountant. This transparent pricing gives you planning security and protects your budget.

Efficiency and personal service: As an SME, I focus on working efficiently and cost-optimized. Even more importantly, I advise and support each customer personally. You benefit from my extensive industry knowledge and my profound insights into the Swiss labor market. Each client receives my undivided attention and tailored advice – a luxury that large consulting firms often cannot offer.

Many years of experience and an extensive network: With over 10 years of experience and a broad network, I am your trustworthy partner when it comes to filling key positions. My goal is not only to find candidates, but to ensure the perfect match for your company and its culture.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and receive a customized quote tailored specifically to your needs. Let us build a partnership together based on trust, transparency and sustainable success.

Attractive mandate prices
Mandate prices
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NewsAttractive mandate prices