Convert and edit PDF: Safe and efficient

convert and edit a PDF

To convert a PDF document into an editable format and remove personal information, you can use several efficient methods and tools. These steps will help you protect your data while you prepare documents for further processing.

Using online conversion tools:

There are numerous online services such as Smallpdf, PDF2DOC or Adobe Acrobat Online that specialize in converting PDFs into editable Word documents for free or as part of a trial version. The process is usually simple:

  1. Upload PDF: Select your PDF document and upload it to the platform.
  2. Choose conversion option: Select the option to convert to Word or another editable format such as text or RTF.
  3. Download and edit: Download the converted document and open it in your favorite word processing program.

Word processing programs for direct conversion:

Modern word processing programs such as Microsoft Word offer the functionality to open PDF files directly and convert them into editable formats:

  1. Using Microsoft Word : Open Word, select Open, and navigate to your PDF.
  2. Perform conversion: Word will convert the layout. Please note that the resulting formatting may differ slightly from the original.
  3. Remove personal information: Once the document is converted, edit it to delete personal information.

Use of PDF editors:

For more direct editing, programs such as Adobe Acrobat DC, Foxit PhantomPDF or Nitro Pro offer the ability to edit text directly in PDFs. These solutions are ideal if you want to keep the original layout, but they often come at a cost.


After editing and removing personal data, you can safely copy the text into the desired form field or reuse it. This approach ensures that your data remains protected and that you retain control over the sharing of your information.

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Data protection tip:

When removing personal information, use the Find and Replace feature to ensure that all sensitive information is thoroughly removed. Remove names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other identifiable details.

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