The real reason behind the hype about Gen Z

A marketing trick?


In the modern working world, it seems as if all companies only have eyes for Generation Z. They are trying to attract young digital natives with elaborate marketing campaigns and hip job offers. But is this really the path to long-term success? Or is it just a well-disguised marketing trick to polish the company’s image?

The hype about Gen Z – an expensive marketing gimmick

Generation Z is often hailed as the future of the workplace. Companies are outbidding each other to attract the best talent from this young generation. They offer flexible working hours, home office, and even special wellness programs. But what is really behind it? Is it really the workforce and potential of this generation that attracts companies? Or is it more about cultivating a modern and innovative image?

Many of Gen Z’s highly praised traits, such as technical know-how and a passion for innovation, are undeniable. But companies often overlook the other side of the coin: high expectations, low loyalty and a tendency to quickly change employers. The investments in these young talents are enormous, but the sustainability of this strategy remains questionable.

The underestimated over 50 generation – loyalty and experience

While companies invest millions in recruiting Gen Z, one valuable resource often goes unnoticed: the over-50s generation. These workers not only bring decades of experience and deep expertise, but also a work ethic that is rare in today’s world. They are loyal, consistent and willing to work hard – qualities that are urgently needed in many companies.

Image instead of substance – Why companies are focusing on Gen Z

So why are companies focusing so heavily on Gen Z? The answer is simple: it’s good marketing. A company that boasts young, dynamic talent appears modern and future-oriented. It is less about what these young employees actually achieve, but rather about the image they convey to the outside world.

This strategy may work in the short term and improve a company’s image. But what happens when reality hits? What if the highly praised young talents move on after a few months because the next hip start-up offers them even better conditions? Investments fizzle out and companies are back to square one.

The sensible investment – ​​the potential of the over 50s generation

Instead of investing billions in the short-lived enthusiasm surrounding Gen Z, companies should focus their attention on the over-50s generation. These employees are not only loyal and willing to stay long-term, but also bring with them a stability that is essential for sustained success. They have experienced economic ups and downs and, as mentors and leaders, can pass on valuable knowledge to younger generations.


The current hype surrounding Gen Z is, in many ways, nothing more than an expensive marketing gimmick. Companies that really want to act in a future-oriented and sustainable manner should focus their attention on the experienced and loyal employees of the over-50 generation. Because true stability and success do not come from striving for a hip image, but from recognizing and utilizing the real potential of the workforce.


Hype about Gen Z
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NewsThe real reason behind the hype about Gen Z