Why motivation letters are still crucial today

The crucial role of motivation letters in the modern application process

In a fast-moving working world where companies are often under pressure to fill positions quickly, some employers forgo the cover letter. This seems to suit many applicants who prefer to limit themselves to their CVs. But a well-thought-out cover letter can say far more than a resume alone – it is a key tool that illuminates a candidate’s deeper motivation and personality.

The importance of the cover letter: A cover letter offers applicants the unique opportunity to go beyond the scope of a formatted resume. It’s their chance to tell the story behind the facts – why they’re interested in a particular position or company, how they can apply their previous experience to the new role, and what motivates them. This can be particularly crucial in creative or customer-facing industries, where personality and individual approaches are often valued as much as technical skills.

Motivation shows commitment: A well-written cover letter shows that an applicant is willing to put extra effort into his or her application. It signals genuine interest and commitment to the position. In times when many companies are struggling to find committed employees, a compelling cover letter can make all the difference. It shows that the applicant is not just looking for a job, but is pursuing a specific opportunity.

Completeness of the application: From the recruiter’s perspective, a cover letter offers a more comprehensive view of the applicant. It adds personal insights to the dry data of a resume and shows how well a candidate can communicate their skills and experience. This is especially important for positions that require strong communication skills.

Conclusion: Although some companies may forego cover letters due to time constraints or the large or modest number of applications, they remain a critical part of the application process. Not only do they provide deeper insight into the applicant’s personality and motivation, but they also provide an opportunity to stand out from other candidates. In a world where applicants with similar qualifications often differ only slightly, a well-thought-out cover letter can make all the difference. Companies that encourage cover letter submission can be confident that candidates who take the time to write one are genuinely interested in the position and may be more engaged, motivated employees.

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NewsWhy motivation letters are still crucial today