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AI-powered personalization

Our interview trainer adapts to your specific needs by personalizing the questions and feedback based on your industry and the position you are applying for.

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Extensive interview scenarios

Train with a variety of simulated interview environments – from behavioral questions to technical and stress interviews.

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Real-time feedback

Get instant feedback on your answers and suggestions for improvement to optimize your presentation and answering strategies.


“I was impressed by the variety of simulated interview situations. From stress interviews to case studies, the CV trainer prepared me for everything!” – Jonas W.


“Completing the AI ​​interview training in my native language not only gave me confidence, but also helped me refine my answers. An invaluable advantage for interviewing at an international company.” -Ahmed S.


“The customizability of the CV trainer from MESSMER JobRelations is impressive. Thanks to the realistic simulations and detailed feedback, I was able to successfully prepare for my interview at a top company.” – Laura K.


“The ability to select the interviewee made a huge difference. The specific questions and feedback from a ‘technical interviewer’ helped me to specifically prepare for the technical aspects of the position.” -Emily D.


“The customized AI interview training was a turning point in my career preparation. The ability to choose the interview type, interview partner and even the language helped me to prepare perfectly for my international interview.” – Petra H.

We invite you to test our innovative interview trainer and experience a significant advantage in your application process. Start today and take the first step towards your dream career!

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Frequently asked questions

How personalized are the application documents created by AI?

Our AI technology is designed to take into account your individual skills, experience and career goals. By analyzing the information you provide, she creates customized application documents that highlight your unique strengths.

How safe is my personal information when using your AI services?

We take data protection very seriously. Your personal data will be treated securely and will only be used to create your application documents. We take all necessary measures to protect your information from unauthorized access.

Can AI-generated application documents keep up with those created by humans?

Yes, our AI tools are trained to take industry best practices into account and create effective, convincing application documents. Many users report positive feedback and successful applications thanks to our AI-optimized documents.

Will using AI improve my chances of getting an interview?

By using AI to optimize your application materials, we can ensure that your resume and cover letter contain the key keywords and phrases that employers are looking for. This increases the visibility of your application and can improve your chances of getting an interview.

How can I be sure that the application documents really suit me?

Although the AI ​​creates the initial drafts of your application documents, you always have the opportunity to review and adjust them. We encourage you to provide feedback and make changes to ensure the final documents reflect your personality and professional goals.

Is AI-generated content considered inauthentic?

Our AI is designed to create authentic and personality-accurate application documents. In addition, part of our process is that you as an applicant are actively involved in the fine-tuning to ensure that the documents reflect your individual voice and style.

Can AI really create as convincing cover letters as a human?

Our AI technology is advanced and designed to produce high-quality and personalized cover letters. It takes into account your individual experience, skills and the specific job you are applying for. While AI can deliver impressive results, we understand that the human touch is especially important for personal documents like cover letters. That’s why we offer the ability for you to review, personalize and refine the designs created by the AI ​​to ensure the end result authentically reflects your personal voice and style.

Is it unfair to use AI to create application documents?

The use of AI to support the creation of application documents aims to create equal opportunities in the application process by offering all applicants access to high-quality resources. It’s not about creating unfair advantages, but rather about giving candidates the tools to best showcase their skills and experience. Our AI tools serve as support, and ultimately it is up to the candidate how to use them to create authentic and personal application documents that highlight their unique qualities.

Does it mean that people who can&apos;t apply well for themselves don&apos;t deserve the job?

The ability to apply effectively is an important competency, but it does not necessarily reflect professional competence or suitability for a particular position. Everyone has unique strengths, and sometimes great professionals can have difficulty expressing themselves in writing or adequately presenting their skills in job applications. Our goal is to support such talent by providing them with the tools and resources to strengthen their applications and showcase their true capabilities. Using our services is designed to ensure that qualified candidates are not overlooked due to challenges in the application process, but receive the recognition they deserve.

How realistic are the simulated interview situations?

Our simulated interview situations are based on real-life interview scenarios and are carefully designed to cover a variety of questions that might be asked in actual job interviews. We use current market data and feedback from industry experts to ensure our simulations are current and relevant.

Can the APPL:AI-Victory module be tailored to specific industries or positions?

Yes, our APPL:AI-Victory module is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to a variety of industries and positions. We tailor the preparation materials and questions to the specific requirements and expectations of the role and industry you are targeting.

How does the APPL:AI-Victory module help you overcome nervousness in interviews?

Through extensive preparation and repeated practice in a simulated interview environment, our APPL:AI-Victory module helps you build confidence and develop strategies to manage nervousness. The feedback you receive after each practice session will help you identify areas where you can improve, leading to greater confidence in the real interview.

Does the APPL:AI-Victory module contain tips on non-verbal communication in job interviews?

Yes, our APPL:AI-Victory module also includes guides and tips on nonverbal communication, such as body language, eye contact and tone of voice, which are just as important as the content of your answers. We help you develop an awareness of these subtle signals and use them effectively in your interviews.

How up-to-date is the material in the APPL:AI-Victory module?

We regularly review and update our materials and questions to ensure they reflect the latest trends in the recruitment process and the changing needs of the industry. Our customers receive access to the most current and relevant preparation materials.

Our AI Career Coaching offer

The APPL:AI-Victory module

The APPL:AI-Victory module is the ultimate solution for those who do not want to compromise on their application. It combines all content and benefits in a comprehensive offering designed to optimally prepare you for the entire application process – from outstanding application documents to convincing interview skills.

Why choose the APPL:AI-Victory module?

  1. Complete coverage: You will receive 360-degree preparation that includes both the creation and optimization of your application documents as well as detailed preparation for upcoming interviews.
  2. Price advantage: The APPL:AI-Victory module offers an attractive price advantage, making it an economically intelligent choice for comprehensive application coaching.
  3. Consistent quality: Since all services come from a single source, you benefit from consistently high quality and coordination of your application strategy, which maximizes your chances of success.

Additional benefits of the APPL:AI-Victory module:

  • Individual support: Benefit from more personal and in-depth support from our experts and AI tools tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Time saving: By combining both modules, you not only save costs but also valuable time, as you efficiently obtain all the necessary services from one source.
  • Long-term benefits: The knowledge and skills acquired in the APPL:AI-Victory module not only serve your current job search, but also enrich your long-term career development.

Choose the APPL:AI-Victory module to start the application process with full confidence and optimally prepared. Take advantage of the attractive price advantage and rely on a holistic application strategy that leaves nothing to be desired.


“The APPL:AI-Victory module was an absolute game changer for me. The simulated interview situations and the detailed feedback helped me to overcome my nervousness and to approach interviews with confidence.” – Sarah L.


“I decided on the APPL:AI-Victory module and it was the best decision for my career. The combination of application document optimization and intensive interview training secured me my dream job.” – Max T.


“I was impressed with how the APPL:AI-Victory module not only enhanced my resume, but also created a cover letter that was tailored exactly to my desired position. The attention to detail is remarkable.” – Julia H.


“The APPL:AI-Victory module completely transformed my resume and cover letter. The AI-powered analysis highlighted aspects that I would never have noticed on my own. I received several interview invitations within weeks!” – Christian E.


“The interview trainer tool in the APPL:AI-Victory module prepared me perfectly for my interview. The variety of questions and the opportunity to practice in my own time gave me a feeling of security.” – Niklas R.

Advantages of a subscription over one-time payments for your career development

A subscription model offers several advantages over a one-time payment, especially in the context of job hunting and career development. Here are some reasons why we chose a subscription model:

  1. Continuous support: The job search can be a dynamic and sometimes lengthy process. A subscription ensures that you receive support throughout the entire period, whether through updates to your application documents or ongoing interview preparation.
  2. Adaptability: Your career goals and the demands of the job market may change over time. A subscription model allows you to flexibly adapt your services to these changes so that your application strategy always remains up to date.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to paying individually for each update or service, subscriptions generally offer better value for money. You benefit from a comprehensive package of services at a predictable, regular price.
  4. Motivation and Engagement: A subscription encourages ongoing engagement with the job search and career development process. It encourages you to actively work on improving your application materials and interview skills, which ultimately increases your chances of success.
  5. Statistical justification: Based on statistics like that of Statista or a report from 2023 NZZ determined that the average duration of the job search in Switzerland is between 4.7 and 9.1 months depending on the age group, a subscription model offers the possibility of using the services over the entire relevant period without having to worry about additional costs.

A subscription model reflects our commitment to a long-term partnership with our customers, in which we continuously support and accompany them until they achieve their goal. It ensures our customers can always access the best support and latest tools to achieve their career goals.

APPL:AI Victory Module

The APPL:AI-Victory module is the ultimate solution for those who do not want to compromise on their application. It combines all content in a comprehensive offering that is designed to optimally prepare you for the entire application process.

Introductory price

CHF 17.-

Price per month / 6 months module

Why choose the APPL:AI-Victory module?

Complete coverage
Price advantage
Consistent quality
Individual care
Time saving
Long term benefit

To give you the opportunity to get to know our full range of career services, we have designed the APPL:AI Trial Module. This module allows you to test all our tools and services intensively and free of charge for a whole day. This way you can convince yourself of the quality and effectiveness of our solutions. Start with your APPL:AI trial module today and experience the difference that professional support can make in your application process.

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